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Root Canal Therapy in Waldorf MD

A couple of decades back, there was no other option than pulling badly decayed teeth. With progressive dentistry, the focus of dentists has shifted to saving a tooth rather than having it extracted. This belief became even solid after the introduction of Root canal therapy. 

Restoring your teeth and helping them free from decay and infection, root canal treatment in Waldorf has saved millions of teeth every day from being taken off. 

What is a Root canal?

Root canal therapy and endodontics are the terms used to describe the teeth preventive treatment for a tooth that is decayed beyond a point where filling or crowns could be an option. An early realization of tooth decay can be easily removed. Once the decay is removed, the filling is used to seal the cavity and restore the healthy tooth. However, later the decay is observed, more is the risk for it spreading deeper to the pulp and that’s where the root canal becomes a necessary option. 

If the spreading decay is left untreated, the infection can reach the gums and threaten the surrounding teeth causing severe pain putting the tooth at the risk of extraction. Lakeview dentists practicing root canal treatment in Waldorf, clean out the infected pulp, fill the tooth with material, and seal the cavity with dental crown-like, restoring the tooth to its natural appearance and functionality. 

How to know I need a Root canal?

Destroyed or damaged tooth pulp can make the tooth dead, raising the need to get root canal treatment in Waldorf MD. Here are the common instances where you may need root canal treatment: 

  • Darkened tooth 
  • A tooth with an abscess
  • An injured tooth that was damaged by an accident
  • A broken tooth with fracture deep enough to expose the pulp
  • Deep cavity causing pain on hard chewing forces

The common consequence to all these situations is the exposure of pulp to the bacteria present in the mouth leading to throbbing pain. 

Root Canal Process

it is pretty much clear that infected pulp is the reason for toothache and swelling hence, your dentist will scoop it out from the tooth, filling it with a biocompatible filling material that saves the tooth from being extracted. The in-detail steps of the procedure include:

Removal of the infected pulp: Your dentists at Lakeview Dental PC would take out the infected pulp as a whole from the tooth in an attempt to leave no remnants of the infected pulp within the tooth roots. 

Cleaning and shaping: Once the pulp is removed, dentists then clean the root canal with tiny tools called files. Another reason for thorough cleaning is to widen the roots so enough space is created to accommodate the filling material. 

Filling: Once the dentist is sure that the root canals are fully clean and dry, he starts filling the canals with the material. The filling is done stiffly so there’s no scope left for the infection to spread in the future.

Root Canal Success Rate

Endodontics or Root canal therapy has a good success rate ranging between 90%. This compares with the success rate of implants at 92%. Root canal treatment in Waldorf can last longer if done properly. Ensure evaluating your case well with your dentist before opting for the treatment.