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All-on-4 Dental Implants in Maryland

Having a healthy smile to showcase and maintaining your permanent teeth for a lifetime is always a goal for people. But there can be some experiences that cause loss of one or multiple teeth. 

If you have been a part of such experiences, dental implants are a great alternative. Missing teeth don’t just hurt the aesthetics of a good smile but also affect you’re the health of your whole mouth. The empty space from the missing tooth can cause the jawbone to deteriorate and the corresponding tooth to shift causing a misaligned bite. Hence, we always suggest you get affordable Dental implants in Maryland at a good price. 

Whether you need to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants in Waldorf MD are always a better option than bulky dentures

Dental implants look, function, and feel like natural teeth and are hands-down the best alternative for a missing tooth!

Understanding Dental Implants better

The next best to your natural tooth!

Replacing your entire tooth from root to crown, Dental implants Maryland look and function exactly like your natural tooth. Dental implants work by restoring your smile and allowing you to eat and speak properly. The dental implant includes a titanium post, an abutment, and a crown. The titanium post goes into your jawbone, preventing deterioration and acting like the natural teeth’ roots. The abutment is attached to the post to secure crown restoration. Then a custom crown, the visible part of your new tooth, is fitted on the top. The crowns are custom-made in color, shape, and size to blend with, function, and look like your existing set of teeth. 

This must-have convinced you enough to look for affordable dental implants in Maryland. Here are some of the considerations that will govern if you’re a good candidate: 

  • If you’re a smoke or tobacco person, this increases the chance of implant failure. 
  • You do not have a medical condition that would cause the healing process to slow down post-implant surgery. 
  • Your jawbone is healthy enough to support implants. However, there is an option to fix jawbone deterioration with bone grafting. 

Dental Implant Options in Maryland

Single tooth replacement: A dental implant is an effective option if you’re missing a single tooth. The post goes in the missing tooth’s space, restoring it successfully. Though the cost of a single dental implant is high, the success rate compensates for it. The treatment lasts longer and covers the overall cost. 

Replacing Multiple Teeth: Getting dental implants in Maryland is one of the finest options if you’re missing more than one tooth. The process involves placing the two implants on either side of the gap and propping up the bridgework between them. 

Implant OverdenturesFabricated by our experts, implant overdentures are preferred for optimal fit and aesthetics. The customized prosthetic denture ensures fit improves functionality and speech. The experts ensure reliable restoration and work to restore your case with utmost care. 

All-on-x Implant: This is a permanent full-mouth tooth replacement procedure that uses as few as four implants to replace an entire arch of teeth. These implants are key placed at strategic angles to fit your mouth and function best, look, and feel like a natural smile. Offering realism, the dental prosthetics are crafted to allow fine functionality like natural teeth. 

All-on-4 Implant: These are permanent dentures that consist of four dental implants that are permanently attached to a full bridge. These offer utmost comfort, stability, and increased chewing ability compared to the alternatives.

All-on-4 Dental Implants in Waldorf MD

The four dental implants are permanently embedded into the denture or full-bridge, and they can be placed in the lower jaw, upper jaw, or both. The dental implant experts in Maryland place two of the four posts near the front of the mouth, while the other two are placed at the back.

Your dentist might put you on light sedation as all four posts go directly into your jawbone. All-on-4 dental implants eliminate the chance of bone grafting because these are put at an angle of 45 degrees so the posts can go deeper into the jawbone than traditional implants.

All-on-4 Vs Traditional Implants

All-on-4 Dental implants are indeed a better option than traditional implants because these require just four implants per arch, while the traditional ones need up to 10 posts per arch.

Traditional implants often demand bone grafting to replace the missing jawbone, whereas All-on-4 implants require low jawbone density, hence eliminating the need for grafting. This also makes the procedure non-invasive and healing quicker.

All-on-4 Dental Implant Cost in Maryland

The All-on-4 denture is custom-made in a laboratory to fit the unique shape of your teeth and mouth. These comfortable and secure-fit All-on-4 dentures attach well, helping you maintain your jawline and oral health with the same care as natural teeth. Due to the customization, there isn’t a fixed All-on-4 dental implants cost, varying the total cost of the implant for every individual. 

However, the All-on-4 Dental implant cost in Maryland is cheaper than the traditional ones because of the less number of posts required. To learn more on how much All-on-4 implants would cost, contact our experts.