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Same Day Dentures in Maryland

Struggling with missing teeth can have real effects. From having an affected smile to facing problems in speech and eating, missing teeth can take away your confidence. While nature replaces our lost milk teeth with adult teeth, we must replace our lost adult teeth with alternatives to restore our physical wellbeing. 

Affordable dentures in Maryland are those replaceable alternatives. Dentures offer a natural-looking replacement for your missing teeth and function pretty much like your original set of teeth. 

What is a Denture?

Dentures are an artificial custom-fit replacement to a set of missing teeth. Adding to your confidence, appearance, and overall health, Dentures look and work like natural teeth. These are designed to be full or partial mouth devices, depending on the number of teeth that need replacement. 

Losing teeth can cause problems in chewing that make you avoid certain types of food, resulting in nutrition suffering. Missing teeth can result in sagging muscles and a subsiding jaw. When the jawbone subsides, tissue recedes. Dentures can alleviate this issue by stopping the deterioration, allowing you to eat and speak properly. 

Denture options offered in Waldorf MD

1.Full Dentures: Full dentures are used to support your jawbone and gums when all your teeth are gone due to an accident, decay, or age. Custom-fit dentures are built with a plastic base on which resin, porcelain, or plastic teeth are attached. These can be removed or permanent implants depending on the type you choose and plan to invest in. 

Types of Full dentures in Maryland
  • Immediate Dentures: Same-day or Immediate dentures are used for a short period of time with the goal to make you familiar with the permanent dentures. Tooth extraction causes shrinking gums and muscles adjusting, immediate dentures won’t completely feel like natural teeth and it would take weeks to get accustomed to wearing them.
  • Conventional full dentures: Durable, long-lasting, conventional dentures are crafted to fit and function like natural teeth. Lakeview Dental PC experts would design the best dentures in Waldorf MD to match your natural appearance as closely as possible.
  • Implant-supported overdentures: These dentures ensure enhanced stability by using two or more dental implants to securely anchor the upper or lower denture. Due to less bone density, the upper jaw requires more implants than the lower jaw, assuring comfort and functionality.

2. Partial Dentures: Partial dentures in Waldorf MD are used when there are still some natural teeth. Your dentists can use plastic or metal base, depending on the number of teeth that need to be replaced.

Types of Partial dentures in Waldorf MD
  • Transitional Partial Dentures: Transitional partial dentures are made up of plastic materials that are removable and inexpensive. These are also referred to as same-day dentures that are to be worn temporarily to maintain space and help you heal after having your teeth extracted.
  • Removable Partial Dentures (RPDs): A lighter and better fit special metal material is used to make removable partial dentures durable. These cost lesser than fixed bridges or dental implants.

Dentures Cleaning Routine

Even though dentures are plastic fabricated material, they must be cleaned and maintained just like your natural teeth. Food particles can lodge between the artificial teeth and there will be bacterial infection hitting. It is suggested to remove and brush your dentures gently with a denture brush or denture cleanser. Taking care of the dentures will help them retain for years. 

Dentists also suggest cleaning your tongue, gums, and natural teeth (if any) to maintain oral health. 

Lakeview Dental PC offers Affordable Dentures in Maryland

Though costs for dentures vary widely depending on the factors like material, level of optimization, how much pre-denture preparation is needed, etc. No matter what type of denture you need and what material you choose, we offer affordable dentures in Maryland that cost much less than replacing each lost tooth. Plus, dentures offer you years of improved quality of life with natural looking and functioning dentures.